Polka dots

It’s a rainy bank holiday here, so no work today!  We went to a wonderful farm park this morning and saw lots of adorable baby animals.  This afternoon I got a lot of jobs done including washing and ironing some new dotty fabrics I bought in the market.  (The rainbow raindrops you can see are my ironing board cover, by the way. It makes me smile every time I see it!)

To help pass a little time on this rainy old day I had a quick look on Etsy and found a few cheery things to treat my eyes…


My youngest boy would love this fox.

and I’m sure my lunch would taste that much better if I could take it to work in this bag: 

il_fullxfull.322418003.jpgand I would love to send this card to someone special.

Ah rainy days!  Love them.  

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