Rainbow Wreath

How do you like my little rainbow wreath? I love it!

I had had the polystyrene ring for a while, wondering and wondering what to do with it. Then I made a rainbow chevron quilt, and ended up with lots of little scraps of fabric. I neatened up the scraps, added a bit of Mod Podge & hey presto, a colourful little wreath to brighten up my lounge! I think a festive one might be next.



  1. I love this wreath – was searching for ideas for daughter and her friends crafting this afternoon. I’ll be showing them your photo as inspiration for creating something simple but stunning (although I know someone is going to end up wanting to stick a fish slice and some tinsel on their one). Beautiful blog, I shall come here for future hits of wonderful colour as required (probs lots in winter!). Cheers x

    1. Thanks Heather! I hope the girls had fun and made some wonderful creations!

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