Works in progress…

I’ve got a few works in progress here at cherrypeg HQ.  A friend is having a baby soon so I am working on some cute gifts for him/her.  Here’s a little sneak peek at one of them:

White felt stars with a natural linen centre and a pearly button.  I’ll show you when it’s finished.

I’m also working on some new quilt designs for my shop:



I love linen and the liberty fabric I’ve been using, I’m very excited about carrying on work on these lovelies, I only hope they turn out as I want them to!

There are more chevrons in the works too, continuing the linen and Liberty theme:

Here they are, laid out on my studio floor, the Liberty line has been sewn, but the polka dots are still waiting.  I’m itching to get sewing but I’m going to have to wait too, I have work tomorrow and my little toddler “helper” for the rest of the week, maybe at the weekend?  We’ll see…

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