Sunday spruce up

Here’s a little job I’ve been meaning to do for a while – jazz up my last year’s hot pink fake converse.

My friend gave me this gorgeous Liberty fabric:

It’s from the Bloomsbury Gardens collection, Liberty Lifestyle fabrics. I just love all the colours and how there’s so much going on. It looks great with plain fuchsia colour.

So, I took out my old shoelace from my shoe & measured it, fortunately it was near enough to the width of my fabric, yay! Cut out a 2″ wide strip across the width (well, tore it actually), folded it in half then in on itself like for binding, pressed it, pinned it, sewed it. Done!

Getting if into my shoe was tricky, I know now why they put those hard bits on the ends of shoelaces!

From this:

To this:

Cute, no? Maybe a run through the washing machine would help too…

Now I have to make one for the other shoe before we go out for the day! Bye x

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