Beautiful blue birds

Look at these beautiful blue birds!  Well they’re turquoise really I would say, but that would have spoiled my alliterative title…

fabric freedom birds

Anyway, the fabric is by Fabric Freedom and I really love it.  So much that I made a top out of it.

sorbetto top with sleeves

sorbetto fabric freedom birds

Check out the real sleeves…

sorbetto top birds

…and the contrasting yellow binding hidden inside.

I wanted to try another Sorbetto but this time with sleeves as sometimes a vest top can be a little too, well, little, especially for spring.  I am not clever enough at sewing to add my own sleeves but fortunately after a little browse I found this pattern piece on a blog called Sew Incidentally so I decided to try it.  It is for a bigger size than my pattern for the Sorbetto, but I just cut it out as it was then when it was time to add the sleeves I just pinned from the middle outwards and cut off the excess once I’d sewed it…  Probably not the actual proper way but it worked a treat!  It took me about a week to make overall, but I didn’t have much spare time this week so it was not too bad in fact.

Thanks for your help, fellow sewists of the internet x

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  1. […] the 2 parts of the front together.  Then I carried on sewing as per the instructions, adding the sleeves like I did before.  I hope that makes sense, do let me know if you would like any steps […]

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