I finally finished my cute cloud project – it’s a little wall hanging memo board!


Here’s what I did, if you ever want to make one.  Just to remind you, I got my wooden shapes from this shop here.

First I laid my shapes out how I wanted them, then I drilled holes in both the cloud and the raindrops with the tiniest drill bit I could find.  Well it wasn’t actually the smallest one in the box, I couldn’t get that one out…  I used an electric screwdriver instead of a big drill, I was worried about breaking the wood – it’s only about 6mm thick.  Anyhow, it worked really well.

Then I painted blackboard paint onto the cloud, being extra careful around the edges.  I did 3 coats in all.

For the raindrops I chose the fabrics I wanted then cut out a piece slightly larger than each drop.  I coated the front of the wooden shape with mod-podge (PVA would do it as well I would think, maybe slightly watered down) and also the back of the fabric, then laid the fabric onto the shape, sticky sides together.  I smoothed them down then put a layer of mod-lodge on top too.  Once they were dry I trimmed the overhanging edges down carefully with scissors and poked the hole through with a pin.


When the cloud was dry I painted the edges of the cloud with pink paint just for a little zing of extra colour.


To assemble the hanging I put gold thread through the holes in the cloud and through each droplet, then tied them when I’d chosen the length I wanted.


I made 2 more drill holes in the top of the cloud and put some twine through to hang it by – I put the twine through from back to front and made a knot in the end.  That way the knots became a feature.

Hey presto, a cute cloud memo board!  Think I might need some new chalk though…


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