Bring on the summer!

Look! I used the sorbetto top pattern to make myself a cute little smocked top!

smock sorbetto

I love that pattern and how adaptable it is.  You only have to google it and you can see all the different variations that people have made themselves.  Thanks Colette patterns for providing it as a free download!  I am sure you have inspired many many people to start sewing their own clothes.

When I’ve found some gorgeous jersey fabric (the never-ending quest – I could just buy some online but I really really like to feel the fabrics myself – I might have to compromise, this is adding a lot of time to the creative process people!) I would love to try Colette Patterns’ new Moneta dress or Tilly’s  super cute Coco dress.

So, back to my lovely little top.  I wanted to make a kind of t-shirt top with a bit of something else to it, kind of like a short sleeved Mathilde.  I cut out the back piece as normal, then I cut out the bottom 3/4 or so of the front as per the pattern, but then cut out the top 1/4 of the front without the pleats to make a yoke, adding a cm to each for the seam allowance.  Then I played around with pleats in the bottom part of the front piece, and basted and pressed them when I found a look that I liked.  Then I pinned the pleated bottom part to the top part, ready to sew.  I added in some cute peach lace that I had lying around, just to see if I could, then I sewed the 2 parts of the front together.  Then I carried on sewing as per the instructions, adding the sleeves like I did before.  I hope that makes sense, do let me know if you would like any steps clarifying!

smock sorbetto detail


pleated sorbettopleating + lace detail

And here’s a rare picture of me modelling it:

striped sorbetto

The fabric has a tiny stripe in it that does funny things to your eyes if you look at it too long!  Anyhow, I like how it turned out on the whole.  Next time I would make it a tiny bit longer perhaps, and a bit less flarey at the hips.

Off to dig out my brolly, it’s sure to rain now I have a lovely new summer top.  Bye for now! x



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