Work in progress – appliqué leaf mini quilt

I subscribed to the magazine “Love Patchwork and Quilting” recently and the latest issue popped through my letterbox the other day. It’s lovely to look at for us fabric addicts as they show a lot of new ranges, and there are some really fabulous looking projects in it too.  Problem is, they’re often quite large or fiddly which is usually a bit ambitious for me and my short attention span. Anyhow, in the last issue (33) there was a lovely appliqué leaf mini quilt project, and I decided to give it a try. It’s going well so far, I’ve got all the leaves made and pinned into position, I just need to stitch them all on now. Then add the batting and the backing and quilt it and bind it, but that sounds like a lot of work, so I’m not thinking about those bits until it’s time!

You can see the quilt I’m trying here. For the leaves I’m using Cotton + Steel Basics in greens, teals, ochres and navy, with some gorgeous metallic gold detailing, then the background fabric is white.



Work in Progress: Cotton + Steel fabrics for my leaf quilt, greens, blues and ochre -


Here are my leaves, all ready to go.  If they didn’t take up space I’d leave them like this, they’re very satisfying.  The instructions in the magazine have been good up to this point, very clear and easy to follow.

Work in progress: Here are the leaves I prepared for appliqué - cut out, stitched onto template and pressed.

I’ve tried a few different layouts but I think I’ve got all the leaves where I want them now, there are a few evenings of stitching ahead for me.

Work in progress: here are my leaves laid out on the background fabric ready for pinning.

Hand stitching is the perfect accompaniment to a good tv programme I find – we’re currently watching Trapped (Icelandic drama, recorded from BBC4) and Line of Duty on BBC2. I also want to start Blue Eyes which I’ve been recording from More4 but just need to persuade Mr O.  Any more drama recommendations anyone?

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